Corporate Finance

    At TGS Lydia we encourage our clients to adopt an acquisition mentality in addition to familiar sales and commercial skills. This is an alien talent to most entrepreneurs and managers and isn’t something that one has to practise in one’s career very often.

    From an early stage we encourage clients to identify opportunities, such as a merger or takeover, that would benefit the growth of their business. When such targets are identified TGS Lydia will assist and accompany clients throughout the whole process. We start with planning a strategy and an evaluation of market conditions. From then we will continually assess our tactical performance throughout the negotiations.

    With such thoroughness it is no surprise that lenders have an increased level of confidence when dealing with TGS Lydia and the benefits of this are often seen by the client in the early stages of the funding arrangements both nationally and internationally.

    Our funding team does not limit itself to mergers and acquisitions though and you will find them as equally resourceful and thorough when dealing with any one of the following types of larger funding issues.