TGS Lydia

   Sometimes the history of a firm means histories of its founders. Caner Sezen (CPA) and Murat Ersin (CPA) who witnessed the establishments of Turkish Capital Market Board (1981) and Istanbul Stock Exchange (1985) in their younger days were acquainted with each other in the last years of the 20th century in one of the oldest audit firms of the country.

   In 2005 Mr Sezen and Mr Ersin established Norm, an accounting company while still occupying their administrative posts in that auditing firm. In a very short time by using their professional experience and international connections they acquired a membership for Norm from a world-wide organization of accounting firms and business advisers.

   In 2012 the established Lydia, the successor of Norm but also rendering audit services in addition to many other market oriented professional services. This vision changed, as it required a search of an international professional network having a different and updated vision compared to the existing one. Founders of Lydia believe that they have found it and applied for the membership to TGS Global. TGS Lydia is now an exclusive member of this young professional network and is looking to the future with confidence.

   TGS Lydia provides tax services (Tax management and accounting, transfer pricing, legal services), audit & assurance services (Independent auditing, IFRS reporting, financial risk management), IT services (e.g. Information security, IT audit and compliance, IT training) and training for companies (e.g. IFRS trainings).

   TGS Lydia’s core values are being self-sufficient through updating professional knowledge, sharing professional knowledge with your teammates and clients and take risks for yourself and not for your clients. The unique aspects of the firm is that TGS Lydia is always rendering services with experienced staff, providing a prompt reply to all the services they offer and rendering quality service first, later sustaining it. TGS Lydia’s aim in client relations is to provide reliability and responsibility to its clients. TGS Lydia is employing ten workers excluding managing partners. Caner Sezen, Murat Ersin and Senol Gorgu are managing partners and all of them have key roles in the firm.

   TGS Lydia’s portfolio of clients consists of mostly affiliates and subsidiaries of foreign capital companies and small and medium size local exporting companies. Increasing each year their firm visibility, awareness and reputation and becoming a serious rival of Big4 firms in the country are TGS Lydia’s company goals to which its permanence is dependent.


“TGS Lydia is an independent member of tgs global network limited,an international network of professional business advisors.”